Principles that underpin our ethos, and will support our culture and overall philosophy, are rooted in our values:



All staff will work hard to gain the mutual trust of children by getting to know them as individuals.  As a result, staff will establish strong, professional and lasting relationships with children, enabling them to fulfil their potential.  Earning the children's trust, and building genuine relationships, is fundamental and underpins the success of all other values of the Small School.



Each child will be supported to successfully collaborate with their teacher, other school staff, outside agencies and their peers.



Whilst children will be taught that differences of opinion are normal, how to treat each other with respect is a fundamental value of the school.  All staff will ensure that they lead by example, at all times.



The school presumes the competence of each child and will nurture their independence in all aspects of school life.

Experimenting in Lab


Each child will gain the true belief that they are capable and can aspire to achieve.  Building children’s self-esteem will be fundamental to the school’s strategy, in order to achieve this aim.



No-one will feel as though they don’t belong at the Small School.  Teaching staff will ensure that their practice is truly inclusive, whilst children will be encouraged to care for each other and see their peers as team mates, rather than competition.

Distance Learning


Children will be encouraged to explore their own responsibilities for their learning, community, themselves and their environment.  Staff will be responsible for supporting the children’s success on their journey with the school.